Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin / 2013

During October and November 2013, the Educational Department of the Sandretto Rebaudengo Foundation hosted the workshop La Porta dei Sogni (The Door of Dreams) lead by the artist Eva Frapiccini.

Over a month the artist involved teenagers from the local secondary school Cavour of Turin in a series of interviews, collective activities and public discussions aimed at sharing experiences of the fears and desires that can surface in dreams. In so doing, the experience of dreaming has slowly been converted in a social act, a moment to address collectively personal encounters.

Teenagers reported to have a strong interest in dreaming and taking traces of their oneiric activity. They consider it as a way to achieve a better awareness of their awake experiences and the relationship with emotional effects, sometimes difficult to disclose to their parents.

Video shooting realised by Elena Maria Olivero