DTC project in Bergamo

The not-for-profit Contemporary Locus invites artists to make site-specific interventions in the public realm of the city of Bergamo in northern Italy. For the 11th edition of Contemporary Locus, curated by Paola Tognon, the Dreams’ Time Capsule project took place in the Monastery of Carmine, created in the twelfth century, and which his home now to the Teatro Stabile of Bergamo.
The inflatable installation travelled directly from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to the middle of the cloister of the monastery, gathering for nine days the attention of the citizens of Bergamo, whose positive reaction is demonstrated by the 290 dream recordings they provided.
The opening of the capsule was accompanied by a talk Sonno/Sogno (Sleep/Dream) with Alessandro Oldani (neurologist at the Sleep Center of the Scientific Institute San Raffaele, Milan), Sonia Giorgi (psychotherapist, ARPA member), Paola Tognon (curator of Contemporary Locus), and the artist Eva Frapiccini who created the capsule. The talk focused on sleep and dreams and included lively audience participation. It was wide ranging and covered many topics. A particular theme in the talk was the specific nature of dreams as either passive or active actions, experienced or created by individuals.

Over the nine days, the participatory event also included a series of laboratories for children and schools.

Thanks to Contemporary Locus (Paola Tognon, Francesca Ceccherini, and Elisa Bernardoni), the great family of the Teatro Stabile of Bergamo, and the city of Bergamo, the audio archive has reached about 2086 audio recordings of dream encounters.


contemporary locus 11 | Eva Frapiccini, Dreams' Time Capsule