About Dreams & Philosophy

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About Dreams & Neurophysiology

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About Dreams & Anthropology

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About Dreams & Contemporary Art

– Susan Hiller, The Dream and the World, Black Dog Publishing, London, 2012


About Dreams & Psychoanalysis

I. Maiore, ll Sogno, ed. Astrolabio, 2003

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About Dreams & Islamic, Egyptian contest

– Edda Bresciani, La Porta dei Sogni, Interpreti e sognatori nell’Egitto antico, 2005

– Louise Marlow, Dreaming across Boundaries: The Interpretation of Dreams in Islamic Lands

– Amira Mittermaier, Dreams that matter. Egyptian Landscapes of the Imagination, Paperback, 2010



– The Dream Bank, a library of dreams organized by topic:           

– The University of Dreams, University of Essex, dream narratives:



-The archive for Research in Archetypical Symbolism                                     

-About Carl Jung                                   

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