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Journal article in referred academic journal

Frapiccini, Eva, (2020) “Traces and messages: perspectives of a practitioner”, in Roots & Roots “Archive is Power”, n. 33, May 2020 (peer-reviewed)

Scientific review linked to prize, funding award selections

Tan, Leon, ‘Dreams’ Time Capsule’ in IAPA – International Award of Public Art, Hong Kong / Institute of Public Art (finalist project)

Collaborative Paper

Frapiccini, E.; Paternoster, A.; Madaro, C. “Modelli di organizzazione funzionale della memoria” in MOPCAP archive online


Onckule, Z., Frapiccini, E. Dreams’ Time Capsule in Riga, kim? Contemporary Art Space, Riga, Latvia, 2013


Zubai, Bryan, DTC project, New York University, College of Arts & Science Economics, 2013

Chapters in books

Citation in book

Caldarola, Elisa, “Improvisation and Installation Art”, in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy and Improvisation in the Arts, Routledge, London (Forthcoming July 2021)

Citation in book

Contemporary Locus, edited by Paola Tognon, Quodlibet editions, 2020

Citation in book

Dal Sasso, Davide, Nel segno dell’essenziale. L’arte dopo il concettualismo, Rosenberg & Seller, Turin, 2020 (EAN: 9788878856929)

Report in Academic Review

“Dreams’ Time Capsulein Imaginarios 5. Programas y proyectos académico – segunda parte, pp. 18-19, AA.VV. Universidad Jorge Taleo Lozano, Bogotà (ISSN: 1909-1168)

Citation in book linked to prize, funding award selections

Giacomelli, Marco Enrico, “Dreams’ Time Capsule” in Moroso Award for Contemporary Art, Grafiche Filacorda, Udine, 2013 (ISBN 978-88-908574-4-7)

Citation in book

Perlo, Luisa, “Eva Frapiccini” in Working Geographies. Resò International Art Exchange Residency Program, Mousse Publishing, 2015 (ISBN 9788867491797)