Dreams’ Time Capsule at the Localize Festival, Potsdam, Germany

The Localize Festival has taken place from 21st to 23rdAugust 2021, in Potsdam, near Berlin, at the Neuer Garten – World Heritage Site. The 2021 edition was titled ‘Encounters’ to address new ways of gathering and encounters during the actual state of physical distancing. The idea was to engage visitors in a series of live performances, installations and participatory projects created by local and international artists as a way to rebuild new ‘encounters’ within the citizenship.

The Dreams’ Time Capsule was selected as one of the artistic interventions of the Festival to engaging visitors into a collective encounter. Visitors were invited to step into the inflatable installation during the days and nights and share their thoughts. In total, about 100 participants have participated in the project and contributed to expanding the audio archive (to date about 2185 dreams’ descriptions).

We want to thank Ilghar for his assistance and all the members of the festival Localize Natalia, Lisa, Simon, Doreen, for their precious support. Our best greetings to the participants, who put themselves into the game thoughts with us.

The project still in progress and it will shift to the delivering process of your own recordings!