Dreams’ Time Capsule project at the YSP

The visitors of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) had the chance to step into the inflatable installation of the Dreams’ Time Capsule project and record their dreams, from 21 to 31 July 2016. It has been the first venue of the project in the United Kingdom.

The installation was positioned in the YSP’s Formal Garden, the event curated by Damon Waldock had seen the participation of hundreds of people who donated their own dream to the audio archive in progress.

During the ten-days-long venue, approximately 342 people participated in the project recording their own memory of a dream. A special thank to the whole YSP staff, the curator Damon Waldock, and the technicians of the museum for their collaboration.

Dreams’ Time Capsule is inspired by the Jungian concept of a Collective Unconscious – a level of the unconscious shared with members of the human species comprising dormant memories from our ancestral and evolutionary past.

Website: YSP – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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