Dreams’ Time Capsule project at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, England

From 21st to 31st July 2016, the event was held at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in northern England. Almost 340 visitors to the museum participated in the project by stepping into the inflatable installation, positioned in the park’s Formal Garden.

The survey-based project took place a few weeks after the Brexit vote in the UK, a pivotal moment to record people’s feelings and memories, and this will make for a more interesting the delivery process.

We really appreciate the encouragement and high level of professionalism shown by the whole of the YSP staff, and our special thanks go to the senior curator Helen Pheby, the creative producer and deputy curator Damon Waldock, and all the technicians at the museum for their collaboration.

The event was organised in collaboration with the University of Leeds.

Website: YSP – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Link:  The DTC project at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, UK

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