The Project

© Ansis Starks

Dreams’ Time Capsule, exhibition view at kim? Contemporary Art Space, Riga, 2013

Dreams’ Time Capsule is a research and participatory project started in 2011 by visual artist Eva Frapiccini.

The first step of the project consists of a series of events where the visitors are invited to record by voice their dreams, inside the intimate space of an inflatable structure, specifically ideated by the artist and designed in collaboration with the Italian designer Michele Tavano to travel easily in a luggage, around the continents. The formula of a pop-up exhibition where the “time machine”, Time Capsule, in fact, travels to be installed in the public realm, it is always free of charge for the visitors. They are invited to donate their own dream taking part to the creation of the archive, and sharing the same structure that travelled across the continents. Actually, it contains more than 2080 testimonies in different languages collected in different cities in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. 

In 2017, after six years from the start of the project, each dream will be sent back to the legitimate donor in order to understand and interpret it in the best way possible, giving her/him  a perspective of time. Dreams’ Time Capsule thus takes the form of a performance dilated, and it reflects the role of time and the oneiric memory in our wake life.

Furthermore, in every collection point, the project had seen different scientific contributions to the research by anthropologists and psychologists, in order to decipher local traditions, folktales, and narrative styles conserved on the dream-like world.

The project started in Turin in November 2011, during Artissima Art Fair. Then, it was presented for the first time in the actual format at the Townhouse Gallery, in Cairo, Egypt, where Frapiccini was invited to attend the residency program, on May-June 2012. In September 2012 the project moved to Stockholm, at the Swedish Museum of Architecture, and to Fittja, during the Public Art Festival Fittja Open, under the invitation of Botkyrka Konsthall; In August 2013, the project travelled to Colombia, at the University Library of Jorge Taleo University, in Bogotà and a few days later to Latvia, at the kim? Contemporary Art Center, in Riga. In 2014, the DTC project took place at the  Public Art Festival Alwan 338, in Manama, Bahrain; In March 2014, it has been invited to be installed at the itinerary exhibition We-Traders, under the invitation of Goethe Institute of Turin and the curatorial collective a.titolo; from June until September 2014, the participatory project was installed at the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy. During 2016, the project continues its travel to the United Arab Emirates to be installed at the Maraya Art Center in Sharjah (March 2016), to the United Kingdom at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (July 2016) and to Italy to be hosted by Contemporary Locus in Bergamo (September 2016).


The project was supported by the

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