On Dreams

‘There is a specific distinction of dreaming as a mental act, that could not be recorded, and the account of the dream, which is a public social performance that take place while the dreamer tells about his/her experience.’

– Tedlock, Barbara, “The New Anthropology of Dreaming”, in Dreaming, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1991 – 

We propose a bibliography on dreams and participatory projects to trace the methodological perspective of this project. References would embrace publications across different areas such as Socio-cultural Anthropology, Fine Art, Psychology, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Neuroscience and Philology.

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– The Dream Bank, a library of dreams organized by topic:                     http://dreambank.net/

– The University of Dreams, University of Essex, dream narratives:         www.essex.ac.uk/dreams/


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