>Manama / Bahrain / The Middle East

On March 2014, the artist Eva Frapiccini was invited to participate in a month-long residency upon the invitation of the American-swiss curator Alexandra Stock and Al Riwaq Art Space in Manama, Bahrain. 

from 3rd to 9th March 2014, The Dreams’ Time Capsule was one of the main projects that were showed during the Festival of Public Art Alwan 338. Foundations, curated by Alexandra Stock. The participative event was installed during 6 days in front to the Al Riwaq Art Space in Manama.

During the opening and the following days, the artist Eva Frapiccini and the volunteers invited the visitors to enter inside the itinerant station in order to record one of their dreams. The visitors participated with more 130 testimonies, giving their enthusiastic feedbacks.

We wish to thank all the Al Riwaq team and the volunteers that were very supportive. Again we would like to thank all the artists and visitors who have lived with us this great experience. Inshallah we’ll see soon.

Below some pics of the participatory event.